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Updated Location: 1149 Semmes Street, Memphis, Tennessee, 38111 Business: 901-440-8815Enrollment Line: 901-310-9708Text: 901-283-7533E:creativehomeacademy@outlook.com

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Nursery Suite

Our teachers are passionate in what they do and take great pride in providing a warm and loving environment for your little one.  They encourage developmental milestones to foster self-confidence, independence, coordination, focus and concentration. The infant program is well-rounded, fostering your child’s innate desire to learn. Our Nursery Suite is sensory based with a calming approach to our environment.   

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Toddlers On The Move

Our Toddler classes are designed with a focus on nurturing the independence emergence of toddler-hood. Soft in structure, developmentally appropriate expectations in self help skills such as potty training, we focus on curiosity and a willingness to cooperate.   

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Preschool Program

Our Preschool Classes are designed with an hands on approach, experience based, socially and emotionally focused and kindergarten readiness with developmentally appropriate practices. We have a multi-curriculum foundation to meet our children and reveal their highest potential. We have evidence based results as children leave our program and excel.

Preschool Making Snow Experience

Virtual Learning Classroom
Covid-19 Support for School Age Children

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We have a Virtual Learning Program geared towards grades Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Click the button below to get information directly pertaining to this program. ***We DO NOT Accept Pre-K virtual learners. We strongly believe Pre-K is a stage of development that needs hands on experiences and social and emotional support. Please check out our Preschool Program listed above.We are taking Daycare,Day Care, Learning Center to a level focusing on high quality early care, social and emotional development with a focus on developmentally appropriate early childhood experiences. Copyright ©2021

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